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I'm Stephanie.  Professionally, I am known as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, but to my clients I'm typically referred to as a therapist or counselor.  

I help people who are buried under the responsibilities of their roles (partner, spouse, parent, employee, boss, etc) and holding themselves back while sacrificing for others.

My work focuses on helping my clients feel like themselves again, increasing confidence, and shifting the expectations they place on self and others so that they can be at their best personally and in their relationships.  

I specialize in maternal mental health, supporting women who are overwhelmed and not practicing self-care. I help them unload the heavy backpack of depression, anxiety and self-doubt that weighs them down everyday.  I'm a mom too.  There is a lot about this crazy journey of parenthood that I "get" because I'm right there in it with you, AND I have the training and experience to help you come up for air and start feeling better.  

Although I take my work very seriously, I try to incorporate humor as much as possible, while still maintaining the level of compassion my clients need.  I like to keep it real, am straightforward and consider authenticity to be one of my strong suits.  What you see is what you get with me, there are no surprises (except an occasional swear word or two!).  

On a personal level, I spend my time with family, being outdoors, exercising reluctantly, following celebrities on Instagram, signing showtunes, or watching junk on T.V. (Any other Real Housewives fans?).  

I know that starting therapy can be intimidating.  It's a commitment, and it's an expense.  My pledge is to work as hard as possible to give you your time and money's worth, because I understand how valuable BOTH are to you.  I have been lucky in my experience to witness my clients work hard to change they way they think, behave and feel for the better.  I believe that you can too and I can help you get there.  

I think the work I do with clients has ripple effect on their partners, families and communities, and my wish is that reading this has stirred feelings of hope, relief and maybe even a little excitement about the potential that rests in you.  Let's start making some waves.  Reach out for your free consultation today!